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Regency Capital Group Wealth Management


  • 1,200 Affluent Families

  • 2,500 Wealth Management Plans

  • $1.2 Billion in Combined Assets

Regency Capital Group


  • Financial Risk Control

  • Tax Strategy

  • Asset Protection

  • Estate Succession Planning

  • Wealth Management

Regency Capital Group Wealth Management


We are a team of some of Americas most exceptional estate and tax attorneys joining efforts with some of the most successful investment managers in the business.

We are unique in our approach. Unlike attorneys and investment advisors working separately often heading different directions or even in conflict with each other; we work together, in synchrony as a cohesive team to protect your best interest. We put our combined skills and experience in wealth management, tax planning, business structure, and estate succession as formidable resources to provide you with solid work products to achieve your objectives.

The process of wealth management is a complex process that utilizes the experience of several professionals. Just like any well put together machine the parts must articulate together perfectly.

A comprehensive wealth management system shall address at least the following areas when it is applicable:

  • The legal structure forms the foundation of the asset ownership, control, and
  • Asset protection, against excessive, abusive litigation.
  • The tax plane minimize the tax exposure to maximize the availability of resources at the time it is needed
  • An estate succession system to protect, and optimize the wealth transfer from one generation to the next.
  • Personal and business planning for future financial needs and unexpected risks.
  • Charitable Gifting to allow you to fulfill your philanthropic desires in supporting causes significant to you, while reducing your tax exposure.
  • For business owners and professional practitioners, a retirement plan, life, and disability protection arrangement for the owner. And a parallel system for the employees to give your business the competitive edge to attract the best talent. And in return, you reward those who contributed to your success to keep them motivated.

On the Investment Management front, the recent surge of information technology is revolutionizing the way we invest. Algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the way we invest in wonderful ways. While turbocharging the investment returns, this technology is providing the implementation of safety valves to protect against unexpected losses.

Regency Capital Group Wealth Management